Wagons East

How the west was done.Look!  A river snake!

I dont know what to say about this movie. It was supposed to be a comedy by the late great genius John Candy. This being his last film I was hoping to enjoy it a lot more than I did. There must be something with obese funny actors making their last movies about the wilderness and the west (Case in point: Chris Farley in Almost Heroes).

I'm not saying that I didn't laugh at the movie at all, I was just expecting a little more. Considering that Richard Lewis is in it, who has made me laugh numerous times in the past (The Wrong Guys). The funniest member of the cast had to be John C. McGinley. And I'm not just saying that because he's my favorite actor. JCM plays Julian, a gay bookstore owner who has gotten fed up with the lowlifes that live in the town which his bookstore resides. The breaking point, which makes him decide to move back East, is when a degenerate cowboy buys a copy of "Pride and Prejudice" to use as a substitute for toilet paper in the outhouse.

There are more hilarious scenes with JCM, like the two pictured above. For example when the members of the wagon train are washing up in the river, one of the other members asks Julian to wash his back for him. Much to his liking, Julian has been aroused and when the friend turns around he sees it. Another of my favorite scenes happens towards the end when Julian dons his full gunfighter garb, and takes down the bad guy with his six shooter, leaving bullet holes in the shape of a cartoon heart on his chest.

I recommend seeing this movie if you like JCM, but if you don't then you may find yourself bored out of your mind.

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